Improve the Quality of Your Life

Welcome to Yoga Spirit & Wellness. We offer an open-hearted approach for mental, physical and spiritual growth through the practice of yoga and yoga therapy. Discover the mind-body connection as yoga strengthens the physical body, renews the spirit and nourishes the soul.

Yoga Therapy is a growing field that complements health care and many alternative approaches for health and well being. Our focus includes clients with asthma, Pain Control, cancer, heart disease, depression, Multiple Sclerosis, structural injuries and more.

The many benefits of yoga therapy include improved:

   Decreased tension, fatigue, spasticity and other aches and pains

At Yoga Spirit & Wellness, each practice is crafted to meet your needs and quest for inner peace and happiness. Enjoy yoga the way it was practiced thousands of years ago in private sessions. Small groups can be organized with friends, co-workers or members of a support group. Sessions may be for therapeutic purposes or to practice yoga in a private setting at your convenience.

Give yourself the gift of yoga and join me on this multidimensional path to health, healing and wellness.

With peace and blessings,
Mindy Eisenberg, MHSA, E-RYT-500